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Our annual volunteer picnic was held on Monday August 6th at Shade’s Beach. There were 125 volunteers present. They were treated to a great picnic meal that was provided by Trawka’s Market that was planned and served by SONS Director, Ron Lubak with the help of his family members.

The night was absolutely perfect. There was low humidity, a nice lake breeze and a fun atmosphere. The volunteers that were in attendance were invited based on their participation in club activities. There were 150 club members who donated at least three times in service of our club. Among these 150 individuals were about 50 who participated in at least ten of our events.

This group was honored for their service with a special memento, a nice golf shirt with an embroidered SONS logo. SONS Director, Joe Springer, was honored as “Volunteer of the Year”. Joe logged 150 separate events mostly at our fish hatchery where he worked rearing and hatching fish and performing maintenance, cleaning and organizing. Joe was presented with a special jacket that noted his exceptional volunteerism.

There was another group of our volunteers that I would like to call our “Over 50” gang that included Bob Zawadzki (138), Don Tombaugh(71) Ralph Friend (55), Rich Smith (53), Jack Bock (51), Rich Brine (50), Jack Hartman (50), Larry Lipinski (50) and Chuck Miller (50) all who donated their services over 50 times to the club.

Adding   to our honor roll of volunteers are Rich Muse, Tom Pruzenski, Jim Christensen, Kevin Jonosco, Rick Nyberg all who volunteered more than 20 times.

Then there were Bob David, Bill Henderson, Sindee Lijewski, Jim Mattson, Paul Holtz, Guy Rousell-Dupre. Ken Minns, Frank Toskin and Ray Yurcak helped between 15-20 times.

.Bert Camp, Jim Carpenter, Herb and Mildred Kightlinger, Darrell Orleski, Ray Halt, Bob Nielsen, Mike Zawadzki, Cas Haraburda, Ed Heubel, Ron Luak, Ken Plonski, Bill Stewart, Zack Carpenter, Rich Cass, Bob Kazmaier, Diane Miller, Ben Pamubla and Doug Smith who all worked more than ten times.

Sindee Lijewski is one of our regular volunteers. In spite of her physical challenges she pitches in at our projects bringing with her an aura enthusiasm and cheer that is an inspiration to all of us and the kids we work with. Thanks Sindee!

We are an aging organization but periodically we have a young volunteer. This year it has been sixteen year old Kevin Jonosco who spent long hours helping out at our hatchery.

Attorney Dan Pastore was invited to our volunteers’ picnic. Attorney Pastore spent hundreds of hours representing us in our law suit against the City of Erie Zoning Board on a pro bono basis.  He was introduced to the attendees and publicly thanked for his hard work. Dan has been one of our strongest supporters over the years. Through his company FISH USA he has donated hundreds of prizes for our raffles as well as hosting our web site on his company’s server.

Finally there are the club’s officers and directors who not only attend numerous meetings, spend hours planning and making preparations for all of our activities. They volunteer too! Special thanks to our officers VP Ed Kissell, Secretary Don Tombaugh and Treasurer Terry Pfeffer and our directors Rich Smith, Rich Brine, Chuck Miller, Mike Felege, Joe Springer, Ron Lubak, Bob Zawadzki, Bill Henderson, Ken Plonski, Jack Klapthor, Jack Bock and John Krupinski. Lastly thanks to all of the volunteers’ spouses for supporting them so they can support us.

All of those in attendance were given a great thermos mug that keeps beverages hot or cold for hours.

Scroll down to see photos taken at the picnic by Tom Pruzenski

Our Kitchen Crew & Picnic Wizards
Our top volunteer L to R Pres. Jerry Skrypzak Larry Lipinski & Joe Springer