Save Our Native Species Inc.
S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie Fishing Club
(A 501 C (3) not for profit organization)





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Contact Information:
Jerry Skrypzak

Vice President
Ed Kissell

Don Tombaugh

Terry Pfeffer

Mail: PO Box 3605
Erie, Pennsylvania 16508

Phone/Fax: 814-453-2270


S.O.N.S. Stuff


Our founding members felt that a badge or logo would be appropriate to display membership to the club and its’ goal “Save Our Native Species”. They also decided that a button would be best suited for this purpose. The button was reminiscent of times when the PA fishing license was printed on a button to be pinned to the fisherman’s outer garments.  Karen Cunningham a local artist was commissioned to design a logo that best displayed the S.O.N.S message. Karen is now deceased. Her husband, Wayne Cunningham,  described how she toured various areas around Presque Isle Bay looking for scenes that depicted a “Bucket Fisherman”. After many sketches, she drew a scene from the North Pier of the channel entrance to the Erie Harbor. The scene depicts a fisherman on the pier with his bucket. This logo was adopted by the S.O.N.S. and has been a proud symbol of membership to the S.O.N.S for thirty years. 

The color scheme of the pin changes each year. 

PA Fishing license pin

The first SONS Button reminiscent of the PA fishing license

S.O.N.S. button collection put together by S.O.N.S. director, Ron Lubak There was no 1982 button.
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Current SONS Button

License Plate

Hats $ 15.00


 Polo Shirts

$ 25.00 sm-xl
$30.00 2xl-3xl

1/4 Zip Polo Shirts

$ 25.00 sm-xl
$30.00 2xl-3xl $35.00

Hand towels $ 7.00
Visor $ 8.00 Kid's T Shirts $ 8.50 Adult T-Shirts $15.00

35th Anniversary T Shirt

Adult T shirt front & back

Insulated Mugs $15.00

Fishing Vest with SONS Logo on back $ 10.00


New Merchandise
We have have camouflage, fluorescent orange, denim, and mesh baseball caps, S.O.N.S. license plates, hand towels (to wipe while fishing), insulated mugs, and T-shirts with S.O.N.S. logo on the front and Let's Go Fishing on the back and a 35th Anniversary T shirt to our inventory of merchandise for sale.. We also have another hat in "Fish Camo" the hat has either a crappie or a walleye hidden in the design.  The hats are priced at $15.00 each and the license plates are $5.00, the towels are $5.00 the Adult T-shirts are $15.00, Kids t-shirts are $8.50 the , mugs are $15.00 and stickers $1.00.  They can be obtained at our meetings or other events, You may also call 814-453-2270 or E mail Shipping will be via USPS  Mail at prevailing rates.