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Newsletter The S.O.N.S. publish a monthly newsletter, ('The Bucket") that is mailed to its members. It contains articles and information that is of interest to our readers. 


May  2022 Bucket

Next Meeting: Monday May 23rd , 2022 at 7:30 PM at the Polish Falcons Club 431 E. 3rd St. NOTE THIS IS ONE WEEK EARLY DUE TO MEMORIAL DAY

Program-  Presentation by PFBC Senior Biologist Chuck Murray

Fishing Report: Walleye are in season and shore fishing offers a good opportunity to catch a few especially in the evenings. . A variety of fish are being caught off of the piers around the Bay. It’s Spring enjoy 


With deep regrets we would like to report that on April 10th at this year's Ice Out Party, an error occurred at the beginning of the Fin & Fur raffle drawing.  As the fourth ticket was being drawn, it was discovered that a block of tickets, that had been sold that day, had not been included is the ticket barrel.

     The officers and directors of the SONS of Lake Erie have decided to correct this error by duplicating the first four prizes and drawing four more winners from all the ticket stubs.

      Those prizes will be :  (1) $ 5,000.00

                                           (2) $ 1,500.00

                                           (3) $ 500.00

                                           (4) $ 500.00

The second chance drawing of these four prizes taking place at our  May 23rd general membership meeting. This error will basically negate any profits that we realized at this year’s Ice Out Party but we feel it is necessary in the interest of fairness. 


HARRISBURG, Pa. (April 25) – The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) began its quarterly business meeting by thanking anglers, agency staff, and volunteers for a safe and successful start to the 2022 trout season, setting the stage for yearlong fishing and boating adventures.

There were several items on the agenda that were especially relevant to the Lake Erie fishery:

Lake Erie Access Improvement Grants were awarded through the Lake Erie Access Improvement Program.  This program is funded through proceeds from the sale of Lake Erie permits to be used towards programs that benefit public fishing, including enhanced access and habitat projects on or at Lake Erie and the watersheds of Lake Erie.  The projects awarded through the 2022 round of grants include:

1.     Erie-Western PA Port Authority; Parade Street Public Access Rehabilitation, Presque Isle Bay, Erie County. High water levels and ice damage has rendered this public accessible fishing opportunity unsafe. Funds from this grant will remediate the problem.

2.     Pennsylvania State University for Pennsylvania Sea Grant; Manchester Falls Fish Passage Feasibility Study, Walnut Creek, Erie County.



Unlawful Netting- Commissioners approved the publication of a notice of proposed rulemaking pertaining to the unlawful taking of fish using nets.  In recent years, PFBC waterways conservation officers have noticed an increase in individuals using nets to attempt to take fish.  Under the proposal, the Pennsylvania Code (§ 63.5. Methods of fishing) would be amended include new language prohibiting the "attempt to take fish" using unauthorized fishing methods.  This proposal is primarily in response to issues during the Steelhead run in the Lake Erie tributaries but would have application in other areas of the state.  For consistency, similar language exists in § 63.9 (Snatch fishing, foul hooking, and snag fishing).  If approved on final rulemaking at a future meeting, the amendment will go into effect upon publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.  

Foul Hooking- The Board approved changes pertaining to snatch fishing, foul hooking, and snag fishing.  Over the last several years, anglers have asked the PFBC whether devices such as trout beads are a legal device for use in Commonwealth waters.  These devices consist of a small bead that sits several inches above the hook and generally hook a fish on the outside of the mouth.  Under the current regulations, any fish not hooked inside the mouth must be released.  Under this proposal, the Pennsylvania Code (58 Pa. Code § 63.9) would be amended to include language that clarifies that devices such as trout beads are not prohibited so long as the eye of the hook is no more than two inches below the device.  If approved on final rulemaking at a future meeting, the amendment will go into effect upon publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. 

Fish Cleaning Stations- Commissioners approved the publication of a notice of proposed rulemaking pertaining to regulations at officially recognized fish cleaning stations (58 Pa. Code § 63.15a).  To assist in properly identifying fish species that have already been processed at a non-commercial fish cleaning station, PFBC Waterways Conservation Officers are requesting an amendment to these regulations that would require anglers to keep a two-inch-by-two-inch piece of skin on fish fillets and prohibit the chunking of the fillets into pieces.  If approved on final rulemaking at a future meeting, the amendment will go into effect upon publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. 

Fire Extinguishers- The commissioners also voted to amend rules governing the fire extinguishers on boats. The change would also establish that portable fire extinguishers, when required to be carried on recreational motorboats, shall be maintained in "good and serviceable" condition, which is consistent with language in the USCG rules.  If adopted on final rulemaking at a future meeting, this amendment will go into effect January 1, 2023. Because a new U.S. Coast Guard regulation beginning April 20 for disposable fire extinguishers mandates a 12-year expiration date from the date of manufacture. Boaters can find the manufacture date stamped into the bottom of the bottle or near the UL label. This may be two or four digits — if it is two, as in 08, that means 2008. Additionally, while the new regulation does not change the type (U.S. Coast Guard-rated) or quantity or requirement for USCG approved fire extinguishers aboard, it does specify the minimum Underwriter Laboratory (UL) classification of extinguishers to be carried aboard certain vessels — depending on the boat’s model year.

The Law is in effect now for Lake Erie Boaters so check your fire extinguishers now.  For more info go to this web site https://jobbiecrew.com/uscg-fire-extinguishers/ 


By the time you get this newsletter the dredging work on the marina basin at Walnut Creek should be complete as well as work on the dredging at the mouth of the creek. The top photo was taken on April 28th showing that the dredging was complete and crews were in the process of doing concrete repair work on the marina sea walls (see lower right photo). It was really weird to see the nearly empty basin and the trucks and bulldozer at work removing sediment. The sediment material was spread on the beach to the east of the mouth of the creek as shown in the lower left photo.  


Shown above (Center) is Aaron Taylor first prize winner of the 2022 Fin & Fur Raffle which was $5000 cash. Presenting the oversize check facsimile  are F&F organizer and SONS Director Bob Zawadzki (L) and SONS Treasurer John Krupinski (R) 


 Our allotment of 1.5 million walleye eggs were picked up at the PFBC Linesville Hatchery  by members of our hatchery crew on April 4th and placed into the hatching jars where they were carefully monitored, treated for fungus and feathered by our hatchery crew as shown in the top photo. After a few days eyes became visible in the eggs and after about 10 days the eggs started hatching and baby walleye could be seen swimming in the jars as seen in the lower left picture. The lower right picture is a 100X enlargement of the tiny walleye which are termed “eyed wigglers” referring to their two eyes and a wiggle.  They then were piped into holding tanks just in time for the open house at our hatchery that occurred on April 23 and 24. This was the first open house we could offer in two years because of Covid restrictions place during that period.  This was also the first open house we have had since all of the improvements were completed to the facility.  Nearly 100 visitors came to our hatchery in order to see firsthand the extent of our investment and the hard work of ou hatchery committee. It was open to the public from 11-4 on both days


This composite photo only shows a few of the nearly 100 visitors that came to tour our open house at our hatchery at the foot of Chestnut St. on May 23 & 24. The bottom center photo shows our hatchery tour guides L-R Sons V Ed Kissell, SONS Directors Rich Brine, Joe Springer, Bob Zawadzki, Treasurer John Krupinski, Volunteer Mary Runser and Hatchery manager Jack Bock. There were 100 brown trout remaining in the hatchery for visitors to see and a contest for kids to guess the number of brown trout in that tank.



Following the hatchery open house our crew and volunteers gathered on April 26th in order to transfer the walleye fry from the hatchery holding tanks into the waters of Presque Isle Bay. In order to accomplish this, the tiny fish are gently siphoned from the tanks and transferred into 5 gallon buckets and moved to awaiting boats for distribution. The photos above, roughly illustrates the process. #1 shows the walleye fry being siphoned into buckets #2 and then the heavy buckets are carried to the Chestnut St. launch ramp adjacent to our hatchery. The buckets are taken from the truck #4 and carried to awaiting boats #5 and carried out into the bay #6. The boats were furnished by Paul Holtz and Big Guy. The brown trout that were held back for the open house were stocked in the same manner. The hatchery tanks were scrubbed out and the hatchery was shut down until next season.


As part of the Erie Western PA Port Authority’s harbor improvement program the seawalls on the east and west sides of State St. are being rebuilt. The east side is nearly complete and the west side is under construction with an expected price tag over 4 million dollars. Also started this construction season, a service road from Sassafras to State Street is being constructed parallel to the Bayfront Parkway. This is being undertaken in order to provide access to the Public Dock area while the intersection of State St. and the Bayfront Parkway is reconfigured. That project is expected to take several years. 


As reported in the January 2022 Bucket, the hatchery committee voted to rename the Hatchery in the name of Director Bob Zawadzki in recognition of his dedication and hard work organizing designing, building and managing the operations of the hatchery for over 37 years.

 THANK YOU KATHY STEWART for the beautiful set of paintings that you created and donated to our Ice Out Party as a door prize. We left your name out of the list of other donors that we published last month. For our readers- This marks the third donation of her artwork that she has generously created and donated. There is always a risk of missing someone when you generate a list and we did. Hopefully we did not leave someone else out.  

ANOTHER SPECCIAL THANKS to Outlaw Babecue Revolution who donated a gift certificate to provide a free barbecue for up to 75 people. The certificate was given to Jack Klapthor and Larry Lipinski while they were out soliciting door prizes for our Ice Out Party. We ran a specia; raffle for the gift certificate and raised quite a bit of money. Outlaw Barbecue Revolution is located at 3802 Melrose Ave. 3802 Elmwood Ave Erie PA 16509 814- 790-5192 https://www.outlawbarbecuerevolution.com/ 

JUST A REMINDER THAT a ¾ scale version of the Vietnam Memorial “Wall That Heals”  will be on display at the Erie Shrine Club at 2525 West 38th St (W. 38th and  Zuck Rd.) over the Memorial Day weekend.  Open 24 hours from Friday, May 27, through Monday, May 30, at 2 p.m. 


According to a recent post of the Outdoor Life web site angler Mike Graham caught this 107 pound blue Catfish on the Tennessee River below the Wheeler Dam near Rogersville, Alabama. The catch was measured, photographed and released. The Alabama state record for a blue catfish is 120 pounds 4


For Sale:

Boat,14 foot Smokercraft Voyager deep V w 25 hp Suzuki pull start with trailer asking $2000 call Leon at 814-899-5492

Boat: 14 foot with 9 hp motor & trailer call Bob 814-323-3939 


We will have signup sheets available at our May 23, meeting but keep an eye out for the June, July and August issues of our newsletter for any schedule changes or additions.  

Monday May 23rd 7:30 Polish Falcons Club General Membership meeting

Wednesday May 25th  Waterworks pond on Presque Isle State Park Gen. McLane School District students fishing Volunteers needed

Saturday May 28th 9-12 Perry Monument Area PISP work with EPSFA Kids’ Fishing Day
Thursday June 2nd 10-11:30 Waterworks pond Fort LeBoeuf Life Skills Volunteers needed
Friday June 3rd10-11:30  Waterworks Pond PISP Charter School of Excellence Volunteers needed

Tuesday June 14th 10:30-!2:30 Waterworks pond Waterford YMCA Volunteers needed

Tuesday June 21 & Wed June 22 5-7 Housing Authority Center on Tacoma Rd. Kids fishing safety and casting class Volunteers needed

Thursday June 23rd 11-1 Waterworks pond Housing Auth. Kids fishing  Volunteers needed

Monday June 27th 12:30-3 Waterworks pond Waterford YMCA Volunteers needed

Wednesday June 29th  9:30-11:30  Waterworks pond Migrant Children fishing outing Volunteers needed

Saturday July 24th 9-1 Waterworks Pond Discover PI Family Fishing Volunteers need



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